Studio Etiquette

At LiLi's Esthetics, rest assured your experience will be met with top notch professionalism. LiLi's Esthetics uses only high quality wax while providing excellent service in an atmosphere where cleanliness meets and exceeds state sanitary standards. LiLi's Esthetics will go above and beyond to ensure you leave feeling even more beautiful and confident than you were coming in.

Studio Etiquette.

Additional Visitors: For safety, NO ADDITIONAL PEOPLE ALLOWED in suite with the exception of minors. No pets are allowed. NO EXCEPTIONS. Also, please note that my toddler does come to work with me from time to time.

Restroom: Please use the restroom BEFORE your appointment time. If you go right at your appointment time or during, you are cutting into your time and can cause delays for the next client. Restrooms are located literally right around the corner from my suite.

Cell phones: Kindly take all your calls before your appointment. Please DO NOT call or text to tell me you’re here if the sign is on the door.

Just have a seat. This interrupts the appointment in session and rest assured that I know what time all of my appointments start.

*Please note: I do not answer my phone during a service! If there is not a sign on the door, please gently knock. If there is a sign on the door, please follow the instructions.

NO Double Dipping

I use only sanitary equipment and enforce the no double dip policy. This means the same spatula will NEVER be re-dipped into the wax pot. It is true that double dipping is common in wax application. This method uses the same spatula for the entire treatment. This, however, contaminates wax and increases the chances of potentially harmful bacteria spreading from one client to another. Hence, there will NEVER be double dipping at Lili's Esthetics!

For all appointments I use (Latex–Free) Gloves : Hygiene is a top Priority.

Timeliness Policy

I do my best to respect everyone’s time & to be prompt with every appointment. I understand that local and freeway traffic can get busy, the parking lot can get hectic, and life can happen. However, please know that if you arrive 10 minutes past your appointment start time, you may be asked to reschedule your appointment and therefore charged the late cancellation fee. This is why I strongly encourage early arrival in your confirmation and reminder texts/emails.

Lili’s Esthetics prides itself on high quality service, which includes on-time appointments and providing efficient, one-on one sessions and sanitization after EVERY client leaves the room. Timing is everything : you don’t want to infringe upon another client's appointment.